Housing, Development, & Growth

High-Density Development

A lot of community input went into the most recent update to the city’s general plan and I’m happy with the way it turned out. The general plan serves as a guide for how to build out the city and we must follow it. Layton is running out of land to develop. Rezone requests that go against the general plan shouldn’t be considered.

New developments, particularly townhomes and other high-density housing, require extra scrutiny. We need to ensure our roads and other infrastructure can support them. The results of traffic and impact studies should be easily accessible to residents.


Most complaints regarding new developments come from a perceived lack of transparency on the part of the developer and the city. The city can resolve that by proactively informing residents about developments that may impact them. I want a section on the city's website listing every major development and its stage in the approval process. The website could include details like the result of traffic impact studies and statements on how the developer plans to preserve open space, reduce light and noise pollution, and provide proper buffers between commercial and high-density developments and existing single-family homes.

House Construction
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Revitalizing Older Neighborhoods

There are many aging neighborhoods in Layton. I think it is important to ensure these neighborhoods aren’t left behind. The 30- to 60-year-old neighborhoods are where many first-time homebuyers and young families end up locating. We should look closer at what infrastructure repairs or upgrades can be made to keep these neighborhoods attractive and safe places to live and raise families.

Housing Affordability

The cost of housing is largely determined by market forces, not the government. We are experiencing a significant housing shortage that is driving up rent and home prices. There isn’t much the city can do about that, but one of the things that directly affect a person’s monthly rent or mortgage payment is property taxes. Because of the housing crisis, I don’t believe now is the appropriate time to raise property taxes.

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